Hello, I'm Jenna

What would you like to see?

What would you like to see?




My Personal Favorite

Stage and Props Design

Mulan Jr. The Musical brings the Disney animated movie to the stage for all ages to watch and adore. My childhood memories helped inspire my design of the set, stage pieces, and props. A strong permanent set defined the base for the performance; different stage pieces influenced imagination for each scene; individually designed props gave the finishing touches for every character.

The Emporer's Dragon Banner was the stage piece that gave context to the celebration happening outside of the emperor's palace; it needed to be grand to represent royalty, but simple to act as part of the background.

The Avalanche was an effect that was very important to the success of a certain scene on a mountain. The director's requirements needed the avalanche to roll out onto the stage and land on top of an actor without effort from the other actors. After research of other performances as well as the testing of multiple ideas, we landed on creating a 15ft long sheet that was suspended from the rafters and dropped by stage hands in the wings.

The Most Extensive

Brand Development and Web Design

Altamaha River Coffee Company is a family-owned company in south Georgia that supplies specially roasted coffee beans to local restaurants and stores. My job as Brand Developer was to create an e-commerce website, design logos and graphics, and study marketing strategies for reaching local businesses.

Labels and stickers are a very important factor for brand development as a company starts to grow and offer more products. Each product label has its own unique characteristics while they all fall under the same label of Altamaha River Coffee Company.

Altamaha Cafe is a business expansion of Altamaha River Coffee Company into a microstore. The owner wanted to create a sub-brand that used a similar visual language as the original logo but would emphasize the environment of the store. The most prominent aspect of the Cafe sub-brand is a unique script that matches the graphic style of the graphics but still differs from the original coffee logo.
*Altamaha Cafe is still being developed; it is expected to be finished by the summer of 2020.

A Twist on Capstone

Experimenting with New Design Skills

My senior capstone project was a chance for us to use our creativity to design and make something that would be fun for our last school project. I decided to design handheld cleaning tool that was able to reach the harder areas to clean in a kitchen, i.e. the coffee maker, under the refrigerator, in the toaster.

My approach to this project took a twist halfway through the semester when I changed my focus to experiment with different skills and software. My new goal was to create a fun and creative commercial to showcase my product.

Jenna, Who?

Who is a nickname I have had since middle school.
It didn't start as a question of "who is that", but evolved from a series of nicknames that continued to simplify until it finally reached its end. I have 100% embraced this nickname and its origin to represent my design strategy.

What is this strategy?
I start with an initial idea and simplify it over and over until it has finally reached its perfect end.

When do I know it's the perfect ending?
There is honestly never a perfect ending... However, there is a point in every project when you have to step back, evaluate the initial goals, and make sure you are not overworking. Just like kneading dough too long can ruin the bread.

Where did I learn all this awesome information?
The Industrial Design program at Georgia Institute of Technology. Not only is this one of the best ID programs in the US, it is located in the best engineering school ever! (Yes, I am bias) The kneading dough info came from my mom.

Why do I do it?
I am passionate about improving a customer experience. Whether it is at a restaurant and it only takes a smile, or designing a website with the end customer in mind. My goal as a designer is to help improve the company/customer relationship.

How can you talk to me?
Please reach out using this form! You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Professional Life

Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

Adobe Premiere
Adobe AfterEffects

Fusion 360 / 3D Modeling
Technical Drawing
Model Making
Wood Working

Project Management
Presentation Building
Design Research
Documentation / Organization

“Architect” Pre-production, Disney+
Set Decoration PA (Day Player)

Black Lightning Season 3, DC Entertainment
Art Department PA (Day Player)

Egg Harbor Cafe
Hostess, Team Leader
Delivered a professional, genuine attitude toward guests and co-workers to increase an enjoyable atmosphere

Altamaha River Coffee Company
Freelance Designer
Responsible for creation of logos and graphics; designed, built small business e-commerce website

Your Design Online
Website Design Intern
Designed, developed website and content layout; supported client relations and project management

IDSA, Georgia Tech Chapter
Vice President of Operations

Island Players Teenage Actor’s Guild

Westminster Christian Fellowship
Student Leader